Fuzion Layered Zirconia

From translucency to hue to chroma, Fuzion Layered Zirconia allows the highest level of customizability to maximize esthetic. Our porcelain layering technique provides the highest esthetic of any all-ceramic crown.


Product Description

With porcelain hand-layered to a milled zirconia coping, Fuzion Layered Zirconia delivers the best in esthetics when it comes to anterior cases. We design and mill our zirconia substructures in-house and our certified dental technicians finish crowns to your preferences.

Material Specifications

Fuzion Layered Zirconia is indicated for posterior crowns, bridges, and screw-retained or cement-retained implant crowns. It is a highly esthetic alternative to PFMs, full-cast restorations, IPS e.max and solid zirconia crowns. Fuzion Layered Zirconia restorations are ideal for anterior cases where esthetics can’t be compromised.

Cementable with any name-brand cement. No need to bond.

To ensure the correct final shade of the restoration, please make sure to define the Dentin shade on your Rx form. Dark prepped areas can have a dramatic effect on the final shade of the restoration.