ZirFit Solid Zirconia

With the strength your patients need at the right price point, ZirFit® Solid Zirconia allows you to deliver beautiful fits, guaranteed. Five-axis machines mill within microns to create perfect margins, contacts and occlusions for the best possible fit and contour.


Product Description

Our five-axis machines mill within the microns of accuracy necessary to create perfect margins, contacts and occlusions. The result is best-in-class fit and contour.

Material Specifications

ZirFit® Solid Zirconia is indicated for posterior crowns, bridges, and screw-retained or cement-retained implant crowns. It is an esthetic alternative to PFMs or full-cast restorations. ZirFit® restorations are also ideal for patients who don’t have the adequate preparation space for a PFM.

Cementable with any name-brand cement. You do not need to bond.

To ensure the correct final shade of the restoration, please make sure to define the Dentin shade on your Rx form. Dark prepped areas can have a dramatic effect on the final shade of the restoration.