abutment and bar design

If you spend time on our blog, you’ll know that California Dental Arts is a stickler for precision. That’s why we design abutments, crowns and implant bars in-house to manufacturer specifications—all from our laboratory in California. From start to finish, we are totally accountable for every step of the process. For abutment and bar design, proper function is as important as proper case planning for setting the lab—and the dentist—up for success.

Focusing on the patient
How the patient presents is important for case planning and dictates the restoration the dentist prescribes. This path starts long before surgery with:

  • Age
  • Medical history
  • Patient expectations
  • A discussion of financials
  • A close look at patient hygiene

Additionally, for hybrid treatment planning, the lab can help provide abutment and bar design options custom tailored to the patient’s specific needs. The lab will ask questions like:

  • Does the patient need to remove the hybrid?
  • Does the patient plan to restore the other arch in the future?
  • Does anatomy and vertical dimension of occlusion (VDO) allow for a particular solution?

Once a decision has been made, the lab will design and present treatment options in preparation for surgery. By understanding the patient, and what the dentist is trying to accomplish, the lab can help provide options for the possible restoration for a particular patient.

Keeping restorative options open
Lack of proper planning can significantly, and unnecessarily, reduce restorative options. Without lab input early on in the case planning process, the implant placement can miss the objectives from a restorative perspective. In our experience, this can make the restoration more difficult and jeopardize the lab’s ability to meet the restorative expectations of the patient.

Planning for success
When implant cases move forward without proper case planning (and collaboration between the restorative doctor, surgeon and lab), the chances of a successful outcome are minimized. Proper planning gives all parties the best chance of sending the patient home with the result they’re expecting.

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