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At the lab, we have many available technologies designed to enhance productivity, all while helping dentists improve patient care. As the technology improves, the possibilities will only continue to grow. We already know that incorporating a digital dentistry workflow helps keep your practice on the leading edge, so why not just go without a working model?

Whether you send the lab an intraoral scan or tray-and-putty impression, California Dental Arts will always make a model. Why? Because everything we do at the lab relies on a strict quality assurance process. While a digital, model-free workflow may slightly reduce cost and turnaround times, the lab needs a model to guarantee our work. Here are some other benefits of working models we see at the lab.

Quality control when it counts

A lot of variables can throw off a case, but the lab can put together a working model to catch and fix any problems—before the restoration goes back to the dentist. All the cases that go through our lab are quality controlled on a model to double-check margins, contacts and occlusion, and conduct any fine-tuning of the restoration. Without a model, the restoration goes directly from the lab and into the patient’s mouth, and we don’t want the dentist to quality control for us. A little bit of extra time and money upfront for a model can help the lab find and fix any problems to deliver a final restoration that fits.

More accurate treatment planning

Creating a working model also allows the dentist to see diagnostic workups that can be mounted on an articulator for more accurate treatment planning. Dentists can view wax teeth on a model to see exactly what the final restoration will look like. This results in a more accurate restoration for both the dentist and the patient. Models for diagnostic workups are particularly important for full-mouth reconstruction and cosmetic makeovers.

Additional benefits of a digital workflow

There are additional benefits to using 3D printed models as part of our workflow. Using digital dental impressions takes materials and human error out of the equation. We can take a digital impression straight from camera to screen to build a digital model and virtual articulator to take an in-depth look at the impression—all before anything has been created. In fact, we see so much value in models that we support creating them in-house. California Dental Arts has 3D printing capabilities to handle your case locally, reduce turnaround time and save money to make this crucial step in the treatment planning process even easier.

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