Case Sterilization for the lab and office

Case sterilization in the office as well as the lab is extremely important. Last year, California Dental Arts was faced with a few situations having to do this topic. We received a number of cases that were bloody, not bagged properly, and generally increasing the risk of cross-contamination. We were also receiving implant screws, abutments, and other small parts that were loose in the bags and boxes. Many of these tiny parts were accidentally thrown out because they were not in a closed container.

To address these issues, California Dental Arts uses CavaCide to sterilize every model and impression that comes into our labs. CavaCide is effective in killing the HIV, TB, HBC, and HCV viruses. We take every precaution to eliminate the possible spread of infection and disease. It was important for us to address the situation in order to protect our team as well as yours.

Here’s what we ask from our Doctors when sending in a case:

  • Disinfect all dental impressions prior to sending them to the lab. This helps prevent cross contamination. Offices should clearly indicate to the lab that this has taken place. This is extra protection for everyone who is handling potentially hazardous items.
  • For all items being sent to our labs, including implant parts, crown chips, and bite registrations, we asked that the offices sterilize them before sending them to us.
  • We requested that all impressions be placed in the liquid tight lab transport bags that we provide. These bags prevent potential leakage of fluids. We suggest a moist cotton roll or two in the bag rather than liquid.
  • Include ALL implant parts, especially screws, in sealed containers as they get easily lost in bags or shipping boxes. This will avoid additional charges for *missing parts. Please note that the potential for these small items to be thrown away is extremely high.

*At times we get cases with “crown chips” and other small parts that are loose in the CDA boxes and bags. It is very difficult to get an accurate shade using a small chip from a broken crown. Please take shades and photos to aid in matching adjacent teeth. For anterior aesthetic cases, we recommend you have your patient come into the lab for a custom shade.

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