In the dental lab industry, we see increased pressure to deliver a superior product, in less time and for less money. But focusing on building better impression materials has only resulted in incremental improvements. What if we did things completely differently? See how digital dentistry can benefit the lab, your patients and your practice with highly accurate 3D intraoral scans.

digital dentistry

Enhance your workflow.
The introduction of the first intraoral scanner helped improve communication between labs and dentists for an enhanced digital workflow. When you take a 3D scan, it can be sent over immediately to give the lab instant access. This real-time approach allows the lab to catch any issues upfront and provide the feedback necessary to achieve a successful restoration in less time.

Speed up manufacturing time.
With a digital scan, the lab can instantly look at the 3D image and have a fully working model in 24 hours. With a traditional impression, the lab has to pour the impression and create a working model. And don’t forget to add time for shipping and handling. When the dental lab speeds up manufacturing time while simultaneously reducing remakes, it eliminates indirect costs for the dentist.

Send color information with your scan.
Along with time savings, digital impression systems offer SDL and other file types that send color information along with the scan. This allows the lab to see things like a dark stump, a critical component when considering the final restoration. Additionally, 3D scans gives shade information, which is a nice supplement to custom photos or the shade provided on the Rx.

Invest in the future of your practice.
While about 10% of dentists have a chairside 3D intraoral scanner, we recommend that every dentist should purchase one. A high upfront cost is actually an investment in the future of your practice that will surely pay off in time. Additionally, as the adoption of digital dentistry increases, prices will continue to become more accessible for dentist offices looking to adopt new technology. And a digital scanner pays for itself over time based on savings derived from increased productivity and fewer consumables.

Expand your treatment options.
As technology continues to improve, the dental lab can assist with many different types of treatments: crown and bridge, orthodontics, surgical guides for implant treatment planning, digital dentures, etc. Treatment options and new revenue opportunities for dentists will only continue to expand as companies invest in laboratory software design capabilities.

Pay it forward to patients.
Along with all the other benefits, digital impressions also help your patients. If something happens to a crown, you can use the original 3D scanned image without having to take a new impression. And high-visibility technology enhances how patients—and potential new patients—view your practice.

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