When you have premium FDA-approved materials and case planning support, you can treat your denture patients with confidence. We offer chair-side technical assistance for any patient appointment and same-day service for repairs and realigns. With established protocols for higher success rates and Ivocap® injected dentures for better patient fits, we help you achieve the most consistent outcomes.

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Dave Brandenburg

Meet Dave Brandenburg
Removables Department Manager

Dave has 44 years of experience as a removable dental technician and successfully owned and operated Custom Prosthetics Laboratory for 30 years before joining California Dental Arts. He is a U.S. veteran and was formally trained as a dental technician by the U.S. Air Force. Dave has been regarded as a top dental technician in this area and is sought out nationally for his knowledge of complex implant hybrid restorations. He lectures and leads study groups, accumulating over 100 continuing education hours per year.

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Featured Products

ZirFit Solid Zirconia

Full Dentures

Choose from the best materials and customizable options for higher success rates, and greater patient satisfaction.

ZirFit Solid Zirconia

Flexible Partials

An affordable option for partial restorations, flexible partial dentures fit comfortably for patients looking to restore mouth function and appearance.

ZirFit Solid Zirconia

Cast Partials

We precision-cast our partial attachments to provide improved retention and stability, all while meeting patient expectations.

As a full service dental lab, we provide a wide variety of restorative options. Request our price list for a comprehensive product listing.

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