Improving the outcomes of your restorations with a full-arch impression tray.

Triple trays have become one of the most popular types of impressions in the industry. At the same time, they are the single biggest cause of remakes due to distortion, pulls, rips, and tears. Using a full-arch impression tray will almost always guarantee a successful outcome. Here are two advantages.


Impressions take a lot of abuse. There are multiple pours to create models, delivery handling, movement from department to department, as well as chemical and mechanical factors that come into play. The impression that you send not only has to be accurate when it arrives, but durable enough to withstand the many stages it will go through while at the lab. Full-arch impression trays are far superior to flimsy plastic triple trays.


Full-arch impression trays give the lab an entire view of the patient’s mouth and make it easy for technicians to check occlusion. The lab is also able to accurately grind your crowns into proper lateral excursions. This is something that cannot be done without full upper and lower impressions.

Give the lab a great impression, and you’ll get a great restoration. It may cost a few cents more initially, but it is nowhere near the cost of lost chair time and production when you aren’t able to seat a crown. Check out these great impression taking techniques from Dental Products Report.

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