Whether it’s for crowns, bridges, implants or dentures, dental labs have to design restorations with extreme precision. Many aspects of dental technology require magnification to give the dental lab increased visual information, which allows for enhanced clinical results.

Precision comes standard

When practicing chairside, even the best vision isn’t as good as vision assisted with magnification. And the same holds true in the lab. Regardless of age or physical attributes, all our technicians use 10x magnification. It’s just the standard in our lab. (Most other labs use 3x magnification or nothing at all.) This enhanced visibility leads to increased accuracy—keeping dentists productive, saving time and eliminating costly remakes.

10x magnification is used to quality control:

Models and dies
We make sure the die is accurately trimmed and the impression is free of tears and pulls. If the margin is missed, or the impression is distorted, the final crown won’t fit or may be made short of the margin.

Using 10x magnification ensures all crowns are sealed, hygienic and finished down to the margin line.

We check porcelain for bubbles, cracks and contaminants, all of which can lead to a premature crown failure, lost doctor chair time and disappointed patients.

Intaglio crown surfaces
We use 10x magnification to make sure there isn’t any porcelain inside the crown that will impair the clinician’s ability to seat it. Getting porcelain inside the crown is easy because it blends in during the building and firing of the restoration; we sandblast inside metal crowns and check with a microscope to make sure the free of obstructions so it seats properly.

Focused on accountability
You may not be able to see what’s not working, which is frustrating for you and the patient. The crown may not seat properly, or it might rock back and forth on the prep surface. Using 10x magnification slows down technicians, but the final result is better clinical outcomes, reduced chair times and higher patient satisfaction. We consider that time well spent.

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