Reduce Chair Time and remakes with this one easy “trick”

Here’s an unfortunate common scenario. You took the perfect impression and filled out the Rx, but you’re still spending too much time adjusting crowns chairside, or worse, sending them back to the lab for a remake. This is a bad scenario for all parties. One easy way to reduce chair time and remakes is to make sure your lab knows your preferences.

When your lab has your preferences on file, they know exactly how you like your margins, contacts, occlusion, and contours, which helps them get your restorations right the first time. For example, your technicians should know what you want if there is insufficient occlusal clearance, or how you prefer your pontic to tissue designs. Do you like tight contacts? They should know. What if there’s a problem? Does your technician know who to contact? Everyone who works on your cases should have direct access to all your preferences. When you get your case exactly how you want it, you will reduce chair time, miscommunications, remakes, and unnecessary frustrations with your lab.

Every client of California Dental Arts has a Doctor Preference profile. This is one of the many ways we keep our remake percentage low and our clients happy. Does your lab know your preferences? They should. Click here to download our Doctor Preference Profile.

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